How To: Bleed your car brakes or flush the brake fluid

Bleed your car brakes or flush the brake fluid

Bleeding out your brakes is an important maintenance step, allowing you to flush out air bubbles and replace old brake fluid. There are several methods of doing this: a.) a two-person pump and hold; b.) a one-person pump and hold; c.) vacuum method; d.) pressure method; e.) reverse pressure method.

For the vacuum method, you will need the following: break fluid, a break bleeding kit or a small hand held pump, a wrench, a jack, a jack stand, and your car manual. Safely jack up your car.

Remove the master cylinder cap. Remove rubber cap from bleed screw. Place your wrench and your hose on the bleed screw. As you bleed, make sure the fluid remains above the minimum. Loosen the bleed screw slightly, in order to allow bleeding to begin. When there are no more air bubbles, tighten the screw. Recap bleed screw and rubber cap. Refill master cylinder reservoir.

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