How To: Bleed your car's cooling system (and get the air out)

Bleed your car's cooling system (and get the air out)

The temperature control onto hot and the fan is turned off. A bleeder is loosened with a 12mm screwing object. A funnel attachment is placed onto the cooling system and the actual funnel placed ontop. A pre-mixed liquid is poured into the funnel. The bleeder valve is then tightened. Another set of liquid is poured into the funnel and some is poured into a reservoir at about 3/4. The vehicle is started and druiven a few steps back and left on, to run at about 2500 rpm until the cooling fan comes back on and the coolant is to be topped of topped of once more. A pair of needles are used to hold the throttle open on the car. The temperature gauge is then checked.

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oh plus brand new water pump.

where is my bleeder valve located on 97 neon?

Where would you find the bleeder valve on a 2005
Nissin Altima

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