How To: Change an automobile tire

Change an automobile tire

No one wants or needs a flat tire. If you do get one, however, don't get all flustered — changing a tire is as easy as buying groceries or going to the gym.

How do you know you're losing precious air pressure or if the tire's already gone?!

1. Your car's computer system informs you "Flat Tire!" (only for those in luxury vehicles).
2. You hear a continuous and unusual thumping sound, and there are no kids or animals in the car.
3. The steering wheel pulls towards the right or left (depending on the side the flat tire's on).
4. The car feels unbalanced.
5. Someone outside your own vehicle yells at you, "You've got a flat!"

Before you go on your next drive, make sure you have these things in your car. You'll need them if you get a flat.

1. Owner's manual: informs you where your tools are and how to use them.
2. Spare tire: make sure it's in good condition. Never let a flat tire or a really old spare sit in your trunk. Have your spare tire checked periodically and you'll be ready to roll should a flat occur. If your car comes with a smaller sized spare tire, or "doughnut," you'll be limited to driving under 50 miles per hour with it.
3. Fix a Flat: fills your flat temporarily until you can get somewhere for help.
4. Jack and wrench: needed to raise the car and loosen lug nuts.
5. Flashlight: necessary if it's night or you're stuck in a space with little light.
6. Road flares: notifies other drivers to slow down.
7. Gloves: keeps your hands warm if cold, protects them from cuts and provides grip.

This is only the beginning to fixing your car or truck's tire. Just watch the video to see how to change an automobile tire.

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