How To: Change the engine oil in a Chevy truck

Change the engine oil in a Chevy truck

In this tutorial, we learn how to change the engine oil in a Chevy truck. To start, you will want to place your car up on a secure jack so you can get underneath it with ease. Next, find the oil can and drain plug underneath the truck and use a wrench to remove the bolts around them. Now, place an oil pan underneath the drain plug and let the oil leak out into this until there is no more left. Next, clean off the bolt that is used for the drain plug and remove the filter from the underneath of the truck. Now, replace a new oil filter into the car and replace the drain plug back on the car once it's finished draining. Now, pour oil back into the oil can from the hood of the car. Make sure the oil is the type fit for your specific Chevy truck. When finished, replace the oil cap back on your can and lower the truck off the jack!

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