How To: Change the engine oil in your car properly

Change the engine oil in your car properly

Watch this "Grease On Your Hands" video tutorial from the Washington Post to see how to change the engine oil in your car properly.

When servicing any automobile, you should always wear appropriate eye-protection as well as ensure your working environment is properly ventilated. When working underneath a vehicle, always secure it with a floor jack and jack stands or drive-on lift ramps. You're going to get greasy as well so keep a healthy supply of rags on hand to sop up the mess!

Necessary Materials: Used Oil Collection Receptacle/Pan, Oil Filter Wrench, Simple Socket Set, Fresh Replacement Oil, Oil Drain Plug Gasket, Oil Filter and Oil Sop-up

Instructions and Tips:

Before you attempt this procedure, please consult your vehicle's Owner's Manual. You will need to determine the oil type and capacity requirements for the car as well as the correct jack/lifting points and the location of your drain plug and oil filter.

1. If you plan on using an engine flush, add this before you start the vehicle via your oil filler cap (on top of the engine block).

2. While warming up the oil, raise your vehicle to a point where you can work sufficiently under it. If you are using ramps to raise the vehicle, drive the vehicle onto the ramps carefully and set the parking brake or if you are using a jack/stands, set the parking brake and raise car from the correct jacking points.

3. After warming up the engine, turn off the car.

4. Go underneath the vehicle and position an oil receptacle directly under the drain plug.

5. Replace the old drain-plug gasket with a new one to prevent leaking. Re-install the plug but do not over tighten and strip the treads on the pan.

6. Clean off the metal surface where the old filter seal bonded to the engine block. This will ensure a proper seal for the new filter.

7. Double-check that everything you replaced is secure underneath the vehicle. Lower the car and replace the oil to the prescribed level according to your Owne

Change the engine oil in your car properly

Change the engine oil in your car properly Click through to watch this video on

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