How To: Change a flat tire with a stud

Change a flat tire with a stud

Being stranded with a flat tire in the middle of the freeway is no fun. That's why it's useful to keep a stud around, like DailyCandy does, to do all the heavy auto maintenance work. However, just in case you don't have one around, they show you in their Easy Does It series, the best way to remove and change a flat tire. Next time you get a flat on your way to a party, you can fix it and get back on the road in no time flat.

We're always looking for a reason to hang out with hunks. Especially if it requires flexing, moaning, and pushing.

So it only made sense to find a muscley beefcake to teach us how to change a busted tire for our next Easy Does It how-to video.

Don't be intimidated by the task at hand: Fixing a flat is actually really easy — and totally beats waiting for AAA or flagging down a sketchy truck driver. Plus, we figure self-sufficiency (especially if you're in BFE) is always a good policy.

Now it's time for a little pump and grind.

Change a flat tire with a stud

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