How To: Change a flat tire on your automobile quickly

Change a flat tire on your automobile quickly

In this video we learn how to change a flat tire. If any tire of the car is flat you should not drive it further as it can be dangerous. Hence you should immediately bring your car to a side and start off your hazard button. Next you should take out your jack and put it in the right position below the car so as to lift your car and enable you to take the flat tire out. Once the tire is lifted above the ground, take out the spanner and unscrew the tire screws. They might be very tight so you would have to step on the spanner to loosen the screws. Once all the screws are out keep them safely in the car as you would need them again. Then take off the tire and put the spare tire. For this you have to do just the reverse. Put the tire in position, put on the screws tightly and then bring the car down by lowering the jack. There, your car is ready to move.

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