How To: Change the rear brake shoes on a Ford Taurus

Change the rear brake shoes on a Ford Taurus

Learn how to replace your Ford Taurus rear brake pads with this instructional video.

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These are not brake pads. These are brake drums and are completely different. This video is worthless.

This video provided excellent instructions, I was able to change my shoes with a minimum of wasted time. PS.If "wake up" doesn't know that shoes go with drums, maybe he should stick to repairs he understands.

Very good, but a big but. For the bottom spring he shows the first
attachment of the spring end going into the hole in the middle of the brake shoe. On my 2005 Taurus the spring end goes into the smaller opening up against the brake surface. I wasted alot of time trying to make things work the way he shoed it. Everything else was vey good. So, maybe it varies from car to car. Always keep one side of your brakes intact so you can check with the set up that worked. That's what I finally did and everything worked.

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