How To: Change the transmission oil on a Honda or Acura

Change the transmission oil on a Honda or Acura

In these Autos, Motorcycles & Planes video tutorial you will learn how easy and simple it is to Change the transmission oil on a Honda or Acura. This tutorial is presented by rimpainter. First cut the washers; one each for the drain and fill part. You need two quarts oil, a funnel with a pipe attached at the end and a tray to catch the drained oil. Then the video shows the fill is and drain points below the car. Always remove the fill plug first, then remove the drain plug and allow the oil to drain out. Honda recommends changing oil every 30,000 miles. After draining out, put the new washer and plug the drain nut back in. Then put the end of the pipe on the funnel into the fill hole and pour the oil into the funnel till the oil starts coming out of the fill hole. Now put the washer on the fill hole and put the nut back on.

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