How to Change your car's oil to minimize wear and tear

In this tutorial, we learn how to change your car's oil to minimize wear and tear. First, you will need to gather all the equipment you need to change your oil. This will include: jacks for the car, new oil, oil pan, and filter. To start, you will need to jack your car up on the jacks until it's secure and you can reach underneath it. Now, you will unplug that drain for the oil tank and let it drain out into the oil pan. When this is finished draining (15-20 minutes), you will need to replace the drain plug back on the tank. Now, open up the hood of the car and pour the new oil in the appropriate tank. Once this is full, you will need to test out the dipstick to see if it's full enough. Then, put the hood of the car down and drive your car!

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