How To: Change your engine oil for maximum auto performance

Change your engine oil for maximum auto performance

In this tutorial, we learn how to change your engine oil for maximum auto performance. First, you will need to find your drain plug underneath your car and let the oil drain out of the tank until it doesn't run any longer. You may need to jack your vehicle up to do this. Once it's done draining, replace the drain plug to the oil tank. Use a new washer and bolt if you need to. Now, pop the hood on your vehicle and find the oil tank. Remove the cap and place a funnel inside of it. Pour your new oil inside and when you have poured all of it, stick the dipstick inside to make sure it's completely full. Now, screw the cap back on and put your hood down. Now you will be able to run your car, make sure to do this every 3000 miles!

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