How To: Check the air pressure in your car's tires

Check the air pressure in your car's tires

Check air pressure in car's tires Kim Perin tries to explain how to check the air pressure of the wheels of a car. Now checking the air pressure of the wheels is necessary as low pressure leads to leakage of the wheels and makes it unsafe and in addition high pressure creates a tendency to blow up the wheels which is again very unsafe. So to check the pressure an air pressure gauge is required (cost 5 – 10 USD) and after that to pump up the tires a pumping station/a gas station is required where it takes about 50 to 75 cents to pump up the tires. Before the pressure of the tire is checked, the recommended pressure must be known which is labeled either on the outer side of the wheels or the user's manual or on a tag on the inner side of the driver side door of the car. But the best place to look for the recommended pressure is on the tire itself. Now to check the pressure in the wheels, the tire cap must be taken off from the tire and the gauge must be put on and then the pressure of tire can be read. Next part is to get to a gas station where there is gas compressor which is used to fill up the tires. Now an air nozzle of a gas compressor must be taken and it must be put on the tire now. The air can be pumped in by just pressing on the handle. Never to do measurement according to the gas station as it must be done with the air pressure gauge. Now again the pressure is checked out for convenience.

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