How To: Check and replace hoses in your automobile

Check and replace hoses in your automobile

Probably the most important hoses under your automobile's hood are the ones that transfer coolant. Since coolant is very hot, about 200 degrees and under pressure, these engine hoses are prone to failure. A failure in one of these hoses will definitely ruin your day, and maybe your car or other vehicle.

Watch this automotive video tutorial to avoid the tow truck and the missed meeting, check the radiator and smaller diameter heater hoses on a regular basis. While hoses can fail suddenly, there are usually telltale signs that can help you head off disaster. First, check for softness and swelling, then check for hardening cracks, and then check for chafing and heat damage in the hoses.

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I blew a radiator hose on my 1998 Amigo at highway speeds and it over heated in about 2 minutes! Luckily I smelled coolant and saw my Temp gauge climbing fast. This could have destroyed my engine if not caught quickly. Now I use Automotive Wolf vehicle maintenance software to track my maintenance schedule and remind me to check my hoses, belts etc. It just reminded me to change my timing belt which I would have never even thought of.

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