How To: Clean and detail an engine

Clean and detail an engine

Learn how to clean your auto engine with these great tips. • Apply spray wax to fenders to prevent spotting on the paint, from engine degreaser. • An alternator is a crucial electrical device which must be protected from water and other chemicals. as a precaution, cover it with a plastic bag and the distributor cap if it is visible. • Spray WD40 on any exposed wires to prevent water or chemicals from penetrating. • Wet underneath the hood; wet the engine; use low pressure water on the engine and be careful not to blow apart any wires or electrical components. • Wet the grill, bumper, fenders, headlights. • Spray Green Stuff Magnum Degreaser underneath hood and engine compartment. • Spray from all directions and angles to cover every surface and crevice. • Use Chemical Resistant Soft Bristle Brush to scrub underneath hood and inside the engine compartment. • Use large cone brush to get in between engine components and hard to reach areas of the engine. • Use Scotch Pad to scrub extremely greasy areas like power steering pump, battery, hood latch, etc. • Rinse underneath hood, rinse engine with low pressure water, rinse fenders and front of the vehicle. • Remove plastic bag from alternator. • Start the engine to be sure that it starts and let it run for 5 minutes to dry the moisture. Then turn it off before drying. • Use compressed air to thoroughly dry underneath the hood; also use it to dry the engine without pointing directly at the wires. • Use a soft absorbent towel to dry underneath the hood, fenders, grills, bumpers and any remaining water in the engine compartment. • Use Non-Silicon Engine Dressing to dress plastic and rubber around the engine. • Use compressed air to evenly distribute the Non-Silicon Engine Dressing • Use a Shop Towel to spread out the dressing and wipe excess away. • It is a good idea to lubricate the latch with White Lithium Grease. • Use Shop Towel to wipe away any over-spray or excess lubricant.

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