How To: Clean and polish a headlight using Autosol Polish

Clean and polish a headlight using Autosol Polish

Watch this video tutorial from the Polish Guy to see how to clean and polish a headlight using Autosol Polish. In this polishing tip we clean a headlight from a Ford F150 using Autosol metal polish. The video includes polishing instructions for cleaning a car or truck headlight by hand as well as using a drill with a buffing wheel.


Autosol polish in a 3.3 ounce tube
Micro Fiber Cloth
Pair of nitrile gloves
Autosol Headlight Refinishing Kit ( Optional )


1. Apply a small amount of Autosol evenly on the headlight lens with your gloved finger tips.

2. Rub the paste in a circular motion with a micro fiber cloth.

3. Turn over the micro fiber cloth and wipe all the polish off and buff to a shine.

4. Continue around the headlight lens until finished.

Optional - Use the buffing wheel included in the Autosol Headlight Refinishing Kit

1. Apply Autosol polish evenly on the headlight with the fingertips of your nitrile glove.

2. With the buffing wheel on your cordless power drill, slowly buff the polish so that it does not splatter.

3. Let the buffing wheel do the work using low speeds and polishing at 90 degree angles.

Mask off your lights with easy release low tack painters tape to avoid accidental damage to surrounding areas of your vehicle.

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