How To: Flush a car radiator

Flush a car radiator

To flush a radiator you will need a drip pan, a screwdriver, a dolly, a jack and stands. First, jack up the car in the front. For safety, put jack stands underneath the front of the car. Then, remove the radiator cap by loosening it with a rag. Slide under the car on the dolly and open the drain cap to drain the radiator fluid. Place a pan underneath the cap to collect the liquid. Check the firmness of the radiator hoses and inspect them for punctures or cracks along the edges. If necessary, use a screwdriver to loosen the clamps to remove and replace the hoses. Check the radiator fluid for discoloration or rust. Re-flush the fluid until it is clean. Use standard radiator flush to flush out the radiator. Add the flush to the car using a funnel. Close the radiator cap and turn on the engine. Let the engine run for about three minutes while driving or fifteen minutes without driving to circulate the flush. Then, drain the flush and add radiator fluid to complete the radiator maintenance.

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