How To: Maintain car tires and ensure maximum tire life

Maintain car tires and ensure maximum tire life

This video shows you how to perform tire maintenance on your vehicle. In order to check the tread wear on your tires, you will need a penny. You will have to check the entire tire for wear, because tires may wear away unequally. Just slip the penny between the tread. If you are still able to see Lincoln's entire head, then you will need to replace your tire(s). Checking your air pressure in your tires is important, because it will improve your gas mileage and alert you to potential hazardous situations. To do this, find the pressure valve on the tire. You will need a pressure gauge. The tire has the proper amount of pressure written on it. It should not be difficult to find. When you connect the pressure gauge to the pressure valve, the reading should match the level written on your tires. If not, you will need to add or decrease air pressure. You will need to rotate your tires periodically: approximately every 6,000 miles. The first thing you will need to do is stop the tire from moving. This process varies with types of cars. Remove the lug nuts. Put the front tires in the back and the back tires in the front. Replace the lug nuts as tightly as you can. The precise torque is written in your owner's manual, if you want to be very precise.

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