How To: Remove yellow haze from headlights with toothpaste

Remove yellow haze from headlights with toothpaste

First of all check for the yellow haze on the headlights by scratching it. Now take toothpaste and then apply some of it on to the headlight. Now you need a dry towel to clean the headlight. Start by rubbing the toothpaste over the headlight with this towel. You have to rub it hard so that the toothpaste cleans out the yellow haze. Start from the middle and make circular motions with the towel. Then start to spread out towards the corners of the headlight. Keep on doing it and you may even feel tired of it. After sometime you have to check again for the yellow haze. It should have been wiped off. That’s it.

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didnt worked , less than 5% improvement .looking for alternative methods to do so.

sprinkled comet cleanser with two x bleach on a scotch Brite non-scratch pad(blue), had wet pad previously, and squeezed out excess water. Worked in a circular motion until all yellowing was gone. Wiped clean with clear water, then wiped dry. Then used ultrabrite toothpaste on a cotton hand towel and repeated above process. All the yellowing is gone. Thinking of putting on a coat of coax wax to restore a little more shine. Hope this helps

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