How To: Repair a damaged spark plug tube

Repair a damaged spark plug tube

In order to repair a damaged spark plug, you will need the following: pliers, newspaper, brake cleaner, a mallet, a block of wood, a screwdriver, a valve cover gasket set, Lock Tight, and a high impact socket. Label your spark plug wires. Remove the four 10 mm head bolts. Leave the wire if you want. Remove the fresh air hose and the PVC hose. Remove the wires from the brackets. Open the bracket in the corner to allow you to position the wires away from the cover. Next, take off all 10-10mm bolts. Then, remove the cover. Remove the tube. You might need to use a high impact socket to pull it out. Sop up the oil with newspaper. Clean it well with break cleaner and a screwdriver. Replace the old gasket with a new one, after you clean the area. Place a little Lock Tight on the end of your tube, and replace it. Use a mallet and a block of wood to tap it in place. Reassemble your car.

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