How To: Repair a Ford triton spark plug thread

Repair a Ford triton spark plug thread

This video illustrates how to repair a Ford F150 with a Triton V8 park plug thread. Get it into the garage and check out the engine. The Noise is all about the spark plug thread is blown out of the cylinder head. This problem is very common in the Triton V8 engines. To repair this spark plug thread the materials you need, Materials: 1. Cylinder head repair kit from Napa. 2. RED Thread locker. Procedure: Before the repair, remove the negative cable from the battery. Fit the adapter to the socket. Take a little bit of red lock tape. Put that on the thread of the adapter. Set it in the socket. Change the spark plug wire on the coil, take the one of your existing coil. Put the one on from the kit. Put the coil back into position. Do not forget to replace mounting bolt. The work is done. Benefit after watching this video: 1. You will repair the Ford f150 triton v8 engine spark plug thread.

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I like the callout at the end about the spark plug coil mounting bracket. Good video would be even better with a little more editing: a written list of parts and tools a the beginning would be helpful.

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