How To: Replace windshield washer nozzles

Replace windshield washer nozzles

In this video, we learn how to replace a windshield washer nozzle. First, use tape to mark where the wipers were at so you know where to replace them. After this, remove the wipers from the vehicle by using a wrench. Now, pop the hood of the car and remove the screws that are on the front of the car surrounding the nozzles. Once you get the top area removed, you will find the nozzle and hose underneath it. After this, replace the old nozzle with the new one and then put it back. When finished, add on all the pieces that you removed, then test your wipers to make sure they work!

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I've seen a few good tutorials on nozzle replacement but this one looks like a better one. Been collecting good tutorial videos and I might add this.

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