How To: Troubleshoot a heater blower motor

Troubleshoot a heater blower motor

Basic instructions on how to troubleshoot the heater blower motor of a Saturn S-series. The heater blower motor is located behind the glove compartment of your vehicle. Disconnect the negative and positive power supply. (The black wire is usually the negative.) Using a multimeter set on the Ohm scale, use the positive lead and test the black wire. To check the purple wire for current, use your ignition key and turn it to the run setting, turn the heater power to full power and set the multimeter to DC power. If your meter reads "no current" the motor is no good. If it reads currents, further testing is required. Remove the fuse panel access cover which is located right near the shifter on the passengers side of the foot well. Remove the blower motor relay. Check the ground in the relay with the multi meter on the Ohm scale. Check the live current pin without grounding it on the DC scale of your multimeter. If you don't see current check the IGN fuse under the hood in your junction box. Remove the panel cover under the hood. Using a test light, connect it to the negative of the battery. If the fuse is not good, replace it. If the fuse works, you need to check the connector. Turn the ignition to run, test the connector with your multimeter on the DC scale. Check the HBAC 15 amp fuse with your multimeter. If all things work the most likely you need to change the relay. Once you have checked or replaced anything that wasn't working, it should be working just like brand new!

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So what causes blower motor failure in the first place? Well, motor burn-out is the only real cause of blower motor failure. Unfortunately, the damage is irreparable. And unless you're a an electric repairman, you may want to keep your fingers off the motor, just to be safe. Too much blood has been spilled from amateurs trying to save some bucks by attempting the impossible, which is to repair a lost cause.

My 2006 Chevy Equinox Blower HVAC Blower works then stops for days , then suddenly Starts up again and runs for days, Then after a some period of time Shuts Down, ETC.

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