How To: Vacuum your car

Vacuum your car

Just like your living room rug, your car's carpeting needs a thorough vacuuming now and then. Watch this how to video to learn how to vacuum your car. Don't pay those car wash prices!

You Will Need
* A garbage bag
* A vacuum cleaner with a hose and attachments
* A handheld vacuum

Step 1: Clear out the car
Clean out the car and the trunk. Throw any trash into a garbage bag.

Step 2: Shake and vacuum the mats
Remove the floor mats, shake them out outside the car, and vacuum them.

Step 3: Vacuum seats and floor
With the hose, go over the seats, including the seat backs. Then, vacuum the floor, making sure to get under and between the seats, the hard-to-reach area between the doors and the seats, and the trunk floor.
*Tip: Consider investing in a handheld vacuum made for cars, because it will provide the attachments you need to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Step 4: Finish up
Put the brush attachment on the vacuum hose, and go over the dashboard, the steering wheel, and the area around the shift and emergency brake.

Step 5: Replace floor mats
Replace the floor mats, and enjoy your sweet, clean ride!

The first vacuum cleaner was patented in 1901 in England.

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