How To: Winterize car tires

Winterize car tires

Use snow tires in the winter. Special patterns in the tread encourage the tires to grip the road better than regular tires. Snow tires are especially helpful if your car has rear wheel drive to discourage fish tailing.

Choose all-season tires for your car. All-season tires have tread patterns that are great for gripping the road and are also lightweight which encourage better gas mileage (as compared to heavier snow tires.) You also avoid the burden of changing your tires each season.

Install tire chains to winterize your car's tires. Tire chains are accessories you can install at home that keep the tires in contact with the surface of the road during especially wintry conditions.

Monitor the tire pressure often during the winter to ensure your tires are properly inflated. Cold temperatures have a negative effect on how well your tire pressure is maintained. Driving on tires that aren't properly inflated is hazardous and impedes fuel efficiency.

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