How To: Troubleshooting a door check link

Troubleshooting a door check link

Here, Rich Pin demonstrates how to troubleshoot the door check link by working on the Saturn S series. Typical example is the popping sound you hear when you open and close the door.

1. Open the door on the driver's side.
2. Locate the door check link.
3. Remove the inside door panel. (See Rich Pins video if you need illustrations on that).
4. Now, to have a look inside the door panel, you need to remove the speaker.
5. Remove the four T-15 screws located on the speaker with the correct screw-driver.
6. Then, remove the four inserts onto which the screws were affixed to.
7. After that, you can remove the speaker.
8. Look inside the door panel, through this hole, to see if anything is out of place or if the door panel is rusted.
9. Check the insert you see inside, that the bolt goes through to hold that check link. Make sure that it's spot welded correctly.
10. Also, look for anything that is separated.
11. If the insert is broken loose, you can try to repair it by the help of a welder through the hole of the speaker area; or you can get more access if you remove the outside door panel.

That completes the steps in troubleshooting the door check link on Saturn S series.

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