How To: Winterize your car exhaust & fuel system

Winterize your car exhaust & fuel system

This how-to video is about how to winterize your car exhaust and fuel system.

The most important thing to consider while winterizing is considering the exhaust system of the car, the exhaust system of the car shown in this video starts below the engine and consists of two catalytic converter, below the catalytic converter is the oxygen sensor which sends information to the computer system that monitor engine exhaust, the two pipes then combine to form a single large exhaust tube, the exhaust system then consists of large muffler which plays an important role in reducing the noise from the engine, the exhaust the exhaust system then consist of second muffler and finally leads to tail pipe which releases the exhaust outside, we need to monitor that the exhaust system doesn't contain any hole, especially in winter if any hole is present this will lead to leakage of exhaust gases into the passenger compartment and may be left unnoticed by the people inside the car as they are colorless and odorless, hence always examine for any hole in the exhaust system especially during winter when we run the car for long time.

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