How To: Change an RV electric plug

Change an RV electric plug

Many of us often faces the electric problem and one of them is power plug problem. When it goes down you need to change it. First of all you need to buy a new quality product that last longer. Now 2nd step is very important, you need to switch off power supply of your house and turn off your inverter and make sure there is not a single source of power otherwise you may hurt yourself. Now take the screws out from your old power plug board to remove it and then take the wires out from your old plug. Now your new plug has two type of screws one is silver and other one is dark and you need to add white wire to silver screw and dark wire to dark screw and the ground wire to the corner of the plug. To add your wires you need to put the wires in holes and tight the all screws. and finally check the all wires correctly in and then put your new plug and cover in the board and tight the all board screws.

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