How To: Restore a headlight

Restore a headlight

Wipe headlights clean. Double tape around the headlights. Use two layers of tape around the headlight lens to protect the paint. Insert the backing plate into the drill. Attach the foam interface pad. Use a spray bottle of water to lubricate and keep headlights clean while sanding. Completely remove the old UV coating. You'll see heavy sanding marks in the headlight lens. With the 500 grit sandpaper, remove oxidation and pitting. Use uniform movements of up and down and side to side with moderate pressure to evenly remove all oxidation. Once you've sanded both headlights with 500 grit, replace the 500 grit sanding disc with 800 grit. You will see that the sanding scratches are finer and the headlights will have a somewhat cleaner look. The objective is to sand out the 500 grit sanding scratches and create a finer finish. Use uniform movement and take your time. Once you've sanded both the headlights with 800 grit, replace the 800 grit with a 1500 grit sanding disc. Sand with the 1500 grit until you have removed the 800 grit sanding scratches. The headlights should be smooth and you should not see any coarse sanding scratches or old UV coating. Remove the foam sanding pad from the backing plate and attach the yellow foam polishing pad to the backing plate. Apply a small amount of polish and smear with the polishing pad. Use moderate pressure and high speed. Work in sections on larger headlights. You don't want the polish to dry and become ineffective. You may need to polish the headlight more than once to completely remove any hazing or cloudiness. The headlights should look like new. Polish both headlight lenses before proceeding to the TL3000UV coating. Clean the headlight surrounding areas after polishing. Allow lens to dry for 5 minutes to apply TL3000UV. 4. Fold the line lower in to a 4x4 square to saturate with TL3000UV.You should notice even greater clarity. Allow the headlights to dry for 1 hour before driving. Don't get the headlights wet for 24 hours.

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