How To: Clean your car's headlights

Clean your car's headlights

This how-to video shows a great way to save and earn some money at the same time. Almost 7 out of 10 cars on the road has yellowed, hazy, dull looking headlights. Not only does this look ugly and depreciating but also dims the brightness of the headlight at night.
Use polisher, wet/dry sandpaper, tack rags, cleaning solution and blue tape to get your headlights looking like new. Watch this video car maintenance tutorial and learn how to clean your car's headlights.

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An easy way to save money; definitely gonna try this

thanks i know...looks like a storm coming your way though

wow. sooo great! that's what iam looking for it.
i wonder that headlight lens gets dirty agian.
plz answer this. thx.

I don't have an electric buffer. Is that necessary?

The most helpful Video I could find. Thumbs up!

I will try this and Im sure I can save by applying this on Headlight Bulbs

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