How To: Wash your car with the two bucket method

Wash your car with the two bucket method

Every time people wash their car paint can easily be scratched off on accident. To avoid that CarCareProducts (CCP) demonstrates how to clean your car in a safe and efficient way using the two bucket method. In the first bucket add a small amount of PH Neutral wash shampoo and in the second bucket should be filled with clean, clear water to refresh your mitt as you wash your car that way all the dirt is collected into that bucket and not the one with shampoo. The first step to cleaning your car is to firmly rinse off the car with a hose to remove any dirt or dust that collected on the surface. Second, use a soft microfiber wash mitt and begin washing the car carefully, and after that's done wash your mitt in the bucket with only water to completely rejuvenate your cleaning cloth. Once again, dip your mitt into the bucket with shampoo and begin again. Repeat this process until you wash over every area of your car. To finish off, wash off all left over shampoo with your hose and then take a microfiber waffle-weave towel and dry your car so that you don't scratch any paint. Also dry the insides of the doors as water does get caught in there. This process is great and effective and definitely bound to satisfy.

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