How To: Perform an oil change on your car at home

Perform an oil change on your car at home

Watch this video to learn how to do an oil change yourself just using a jack, two jack stands, wrenches, a oil filter wrench, some old rags, oil pan, oil filter, and oil. Just find the oil filter, jack up the car, situate the jack stands, and you're ready to start. Once underneath, locate the drain plug, unscrew the bolt, and let it drain. After it drains screw the bolt back on, and find your oil filter. Grab the old filter and twist it off, clean the surrounding area, then replace with the new filter, hand-tightening. After getting out from under the car, open the engine compartment, and funnel the oil into the oil compartment, measure the oil making sure it's full, and then your done! Clean up and recycle your old oil. That's a quick, simple, and easy oil change.

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